Basic Summer Style Tips for Women

a couple taking selfie while wearing sunglasses
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Summers have just started. Styling in summer can be a bit tricky. If you will follow following four tips, I bet you will spend whole summer season in style.

1- Light Colors

Dark colors absorb heat. Not only will light colored fabric will provide you with a cooler and soothing sensation, but they also have a better summer vibe. I mean you could wear dark colors such as black, grey and charcoal, but they lack the airy feel.

2- Wear Hijab

Women should consider covering your head with hijab as the hair absorbs heat the most in our whole body. If you will cover your hear with light color hijab you will go in style and elegance.

3- Try Flowy Tops

Try light fabric to get the true summer feel. Light colors, airy fabric like cotton and flowy clothing rather than skin tight stuff. Avoid apparels with heavy embroidery that can make your dress heavy are the perfect choice. Find stuff like cotton, silk, chiffon, lace or crochet. This basic rule applies to everything: dresses, hijabs/scarfs, tops, and bottoms.

4- Style With Shades

a couple taking selfie while wearing sunglasses
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A pair of sunglasses will not only protect you from harmful U.V rays but will also give you a stylish look and a bold feel. This will enhance your personality and add style to your life. Shades do come in different shapes. The basic rule is to choose one which fits best on your face as every face cut has a different shade style for it.

In general Aviators have always been in style for decades and the style era of aviators is not going to end anywhere in near future.

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