ONE identiti: An Emerging Clothing Brand

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About ONE identiti

“ONE identiti” is an emerging Pakistan based apparel brand which will initially operate on a hybrid model of affiliate and drop shipping model and will eventually move to a status of private label.


Wear your identity

M.M Khan


“ONE identiti” is managed and governed by the young people from tech industry with entrepreneurial mindset. Our passion for fashion and art is endless. The aim is to provide our Pakistani youth affordable, elegant and modern fashion solution. We believe that our youth has got a charismatic and strong personality. To carry such a bold identity they need a brand which promotes Eastern culture and bring an evolution by infusing the Western culture in it. You will experience great cultural diversity and versatility on our online store.

Brand Identity

If our brand was a person he/she had following traits “Young, Elegant and Bold personality with a Strong self identity”

Target Audience

Our target audience is youth from both genders (male/female) between the age of 20 – 35.

ONE Family

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Our target audience is our family. Because we share same fashion values and style identity we consider our valuable clients as our family. We call them ONE Family. So are you a member of ONE Family?

What We Offer?

We offer both stitched and unstitched; formal, semi formal, casual and party wears for both men and women. We deal in both Easter and Western apparels.

Why Us

Because we offer 7 days flexible return policy in which we deduct only two way shipment and bank processing fee within 5 working days from the day we receive back our shipment. The only condition is for you to return the original product in its original condition. The reason for being so flexible is gain customer trust let them check the product. Moreover; we offer high quality products on competitive prices.

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